The cemetery is non-denominational and welcomes all. The annual meeting is held on the Tuesday before Memorial Day; lot owners are welcome to attend. The cemetery works with all local funeral homes and local monument companies. Lots are available for purchase by contacting either President Mark Cance or Cemetery Superintendent Don Vogler.

Does Prairie View have available spaces?

YES! Even though the cemetery was formed in 1860 we still have adequate space. 10 acres are currently platted while we have yet another 10 acres available for future expansion.

Do we sell markers and monuments?

No, but we will gladly provide you with a list of local monument companies that offer this service or you can reference our RESOUCES tab for this information.

Are artificial flowers allowed?

Artificial pieces are allowed but only from November 1 through April 1. They will be removed by cemetery staff after this date and discarded. Upright monuments that have a permanent vase attached are allowed to have artificial pieces year-round. The remainder of the year we encourage families to plant live flowers but ask that you consult our rules and regulations or one of our staff before doing so.

Can my pet be buried in Prairie View?

Only human remains are allowed to be buried within the cemetery.

May I place an upright monument on a single space?

No, we require that you own two adjoining spaces to be allowed an upright monument.

How many cremated remains can be buried on a single space?

We restrict the number of cremated remains on a single space to two. It is also required that all urns be encased within an urn burial vault.

Is Prairie View Cemetery operated and owned by the Village of Lake Hallie?

No, we are a private non-profit cemetery association that is governed by a board of trustees. We are licensed through the State of Wisconsin. Both of our cemetery sales representatives are also licensed.

Can I place solar powered ornaments on a grave?

No, these along with other ornaments are strictly prohibited. Please review our list of rules and regulations located on our RESOURCES tab.

Does Prairie View have above ground interment options?

Yes, but only for cremated remains. We have a columbarium located within the cemetery that can accommodate single urns or double urns.

Can I meet with a cemetery representative after hours?

Absolutely! Our staff is very accommodating and flexible to meet with you evenings and weekends by appointment as needed.

Is the American flag allowed on Veterans graves?

We do allow the American flag to be placed on Veterans' graves. The Prairie View Cemetery Association places a flag on all Veterans' graves on Memorial Day weekend and removes them 1-2 weeks later. Families are encouraged and welcomed to place their own American flag the remainder of the year. We reserve the right to remove them once they are wind torn or faded.